CAH Charmed to be Chosen for Magical Match, GUMI’s new Instant Game for Facebook Messenger

When GUMI Japan tapped Concept Art House to create a game that could reach 1.3 billion players across the globe, we jumped at the opportunity to join one of the few early adopters chosen by Facebook Messenger for its new Instant Games platform.

Located in both Shanghai and San Francisco, CAH drew upon our deep understanding of all things East and West to charm players worldwide with GUMI’s Magical Match:

Magical Match.png


We worked closely with the GUMI team to create the game’s main characters and the storyscape in which they live.

Following Concept Art House’s standard visual development process, we:

- Researched casual game genres and categorized the various art styles.

- Developed surveys to find out which art style appealed most to GUMI’s target audiences.

- Collaborated with GUMI to concept and create a unique art style for the game based on those audience preferences.

We then planned carefully and worked quickly to develop all of the characters, animals and assets with uniform style and quality. 

Character heads.png

GUMI relied on CAH to seize the window of opportunity that Facebook is providing to test Instant Game’s new monetization strategies — and with a wave of the wand — Magical Match is now live!

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