Playstudios update features Concept Art House work

Our partners at Playstudios updated their hit casino mobile game: myVegas Blackjack! myVEGAS Blackjack is the only free blackjack app that offers players a chance to earn real world rewards. Now, when you get a blackjack at the Mirage, you can triple your winnings in a new and exciting bonus game. Check it out!

Concept Art House was thrilled to contribute to myVegas Blackjack's new bonus game by providing art assets for the environments. You can see some of our work in the image below. 


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Founded in 2006, Concept Art House provides premier art services to the games industry. Our SF and Shanghai teams work together to achieve the highest satisfaction level for our clients. CAH’s strategy is simple: where passion and pride intersect, we offer you our quality, originality, and experience. 

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