Concept Art House game art from award-winning game: Vainglory

Super Evil Megacorp has re-launched their Editor's Choice mobile game, Vainglory, with all new features and Android support. They've also announced that Vainglory had 1.5 monthly active users (MAU) on iOS. Concept Art House collaborated with Super Evil Megacorp in the past to provide splash pages and concept art to this award-winning title. CAH celebrates Super Evil Megacorp's success and re-launch with a showcase of stunning Vainglory game art.  


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Founded in 2006, Concept Art House provides premier art services to the games industry. Our artists and art directors specialize in concept art, 2D game art, 3D modeling, flash/vector and animations. With offices in SF and Shanghai, our international teams work together to achieve the highest satisfaction level for our clients. Concept Art House’s strategy is simple: where passion and pride intersect, we offer you our quality, originality, and experience. 

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