War of Gods: DESTINED releases for ChinaJoy


We're proud to announce that Concept Art House and Spellgun have joined forces with HRG Studio in Hong Kong for War of Gods: DESTINED, available now on iTunes and Google Play! In this epic new RPG strategy mobile game, you play the hero of an ancient realm as you lead adventures, assemble armies and wage war among the gods. Steeped in Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythology, players can harness the power of Thor's lightning, or Tiamat's fiery breath as they traverse an epic, 3D mobile world.


With Concept Art House tackling all of War of Gods' art and design needs, HRG handling publishing in China and Spellgun leading the distribution charge in the west, War of Gods is poised to take both sides of the Pacific by storm. Getting lost in War of Gods card art is entertainment alone. Just check out some of these beauties created by the Concept Art House team. 


It's no coincidence that War of Gods: DESTINED's release tracks closely with 2017's ChinaJoy, Asia's largest digital gaming and entertainment expo. At this year's event, CAH's Shanghai office along with Spellgun and HRG will be out in force, meeting and greeting new and old friends alike. Be sure to get in touch if you'll be in Shanghai for ChinaJoy this weekend. We'd love to show you the ins and outs of our newest in-house project and hear what you're cooking up next. 


CAH, Spellgun, and HRG have brought forth the powers of heroes and Gods in War of Gods: DESTINED. Here's to us doing it again for you and your team! 

See you in Shanghai!