CAH is Almost a Teenager

The US side of the CAH family

The US side of the CAH family

Remember when Wii was first launched? Or when Pluto was announced to no longer be a planet? Or when Facebook first came to life? How about when the beloved Evolution of Dance video went viral? Seems like a pretty long time ago, right?

One more thing came to be in 2006 and is still around, full 12 years later. It’s Concept Art House. A few artists in Shanghai were hoping to get where they are today - being the very leaders in the game art space. A few dreams and endless dedication and talent did the trick.

However, there is one crucial component to this success. Our clients who put their trust in CAH to help them ship some of the best looking games in the industry. This is why we’re taking this chance to say thank you to all our friends and colleagues who recognized our value and entrusted us with hundreds of projects over the years.

Like any other milestone, this one makes us look back and count the successes. Here’s what happened during previous 12 years:

  • CAH helped ship close to 700 games

  • We concurred 2 continents with offices both in San Francisco and Shanghai

  • And our clients? They are spread over 4 continents.

  • We worked with majority of world’s top studios, or more precisely:

    • Worked with 24 of the top 50 mobile developers

    • Worked with 7 of the top 10 and all top 5 developers

    • 11 developers are current clients including 4 of the top 5

  • We grew our offer to cover all platforms with services that include art direction, concept art, 2D art, 3D modeling, marketing art, animation, vector/flash art, and VR.

  • We are proud parents of no less than 3 puppies between our 2 offices

It’s safe to say we’ve had a good ride so far. And we obviously had to celebrate!

During these 12 years we followed trends, developed strong personal relationships with industry leaders and veterans, kept leveling up our skills continuously and earned a reputation of valued partners to all our clients.

So, cheers to that and here’s to many, many more!

You’re all invited to join us on our journey! Stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and ArtStation.