5th Planet Games Launches Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension

On September 30th, 5th Planet Games launched Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension. The game is a sequel to the original Dawn of the Dragons, a game that generated a close-knit community of players. As GamesBeat reports, the game debuted on Kongregate’s own PC platform - Kartridge in late August this year.

Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension follows the style and narrative of the original title, which was one of the most successful games on Kongregate platform. Having enjoyed working together on Legacy of a Thousand Suns (https://venturebeat.com/2012/11/09/legacy-of-a-thousand-suns-turns-2/) many years ago, we were thrilled to partner with our friends at 5th Planet games once again.

Under 5th Planet Games' Art Director Eve Milan’s art leadership, our artists created hundreds of heroic characters, expansive maps, epic splash screens, and of course - dragons. Lots of awesome, fantastical, fire breathing DRAGONS.

"It was so great working with Concept Art House on Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension. Their imagination, creativity and professionalism allowed us develop what we envisioned. They make the process easy because of their in depth knowledge of the industry and their professionalism." - Art Director of 5th Planet Games

We dedicated our time and energy on perfecting the artwork for Storyscape Titanic. We knew we had to be precise for every fine detail for this Oscar winning film. It is always a pleasure working with Fogbank Entertainment!” - KJ, VP of Production at CAH