GameDaily Connect 2019

GameDaily Connect (formerly Casual Connect) took place on August 27-29th at beautiful Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA.  


Our CEO, James Zhang, moderated two panels.  The first panel was titled: “How Art Impacts Engagement, Retention, and Monetization”.  Our expert panelists Ken Capelli (Fogbank Entertainment), William Hughes (Tilting Point), Huy Dinh (WeeArts), and Vera Velichko (Owl Studio) sparked an intriguing discussion on art meeting game performance which was one of the most attended talks in the exhibit hall.

The second panel was “State of Blockchain Games in 2019”.  The speakers are widely considered thought leaders in the sector.  They are: Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs - Cryptokitties), Matthew Le Merle (Fifth Era), Roy Liu (Tron Foundation) and Allen Ma (Forte)   

It’s all fun and games

It’s all fun and games

Videos of both panels will soon be uploaded here.