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NFTs, Art, Game Design & Solution And The Transition From Web 2 To Web 3

Originally published by SBX10 on March 11, 2021. All rights reserved.

“SCB 10X OPEN HOUSE IN METAVERSE” celebrated the debut of SCB 10X’s virtual headquarter in The Sandbox. SCB 10X brought together global Metaverse leaders to share the insights and perspectives on the opportunity in the Metaverse in the fireside chats and workshop sessions.


About SBX10

SCB 10X Co., Ltd, a holding company among other subsidiaries of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB Group), was established in January 2020 with the moonshot mission to achieve exponential growth through technology innovations and investments via its three arms: Venture Builder, Venture Capital and Strategic Investment and Partnership. SCB 10X oversees disruptive technology investments and portfolio companies of SCB Group, comprising Digital Ventures, SCB Abacus, MONIX, Purple Ventures and other technology investments.

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